Boating Safety Adam Fields

Improve Boating Safety

Temperatures are warming up, the dogwoods are blooming, and people are out and about, enjoying all the lake has to offer. With boating enjoyment comes great responsibility though. Let’s make it a goal as a lake to go accident free this year. Here are just a few great ways we can all improve boater safety. […]

Wakeboard POP

Wakeboard “POP” what is it?

Spring is finally here and we cannot be more thrilled to start riding, coaching, and helping people enjoy the water more!  I’ve had enough time to prepare for this year’s AF Wake events, our upcoming summer camps program, and to write some instructional articles to be used throughout the upcoming year. Here is a deeper […]

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Wakeboard Tips by Adam Fields - photo by Randy Murray

Why Ride SWITCH?

How many of you have ever done a bicep curl before?   Well, when you did that set of bicep curls, did you just do one arm, or did you work out both arms?  What if we were really into having huge biceps and went a long period of time working out only one arm? That […]

Adam Fields Wakeboard Tips

Get more Quality Water Time

Adam Fields, Professional Wakeboarder – Wakeboarding Tips. If you are like MOST people, it takes quite a bit of effort to get out and wakeboard on the lake. In some cases, it takes a LOT of effort and a LOT of money just to make it happen. Since wakeboarding is so cool and you are […]

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Adam Fields - Become a Better Boat Driver

Becoming a better boat driver…

  Driving a boat is difficult. There is a lot going on. It takes time to develop a relaxed, comfortable nature behind the wheel. Pay attention to and practice the tips below on how to become a better boat driver. Make it a goal this season to be a more conscientious driver, and you’ll become […]

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