Wakeboard Tips by Adam Fields - photo by Randy Murray

Why Ride SWITCH?

How many of you have ever done a bicep curl before?   Well, when you did that set of bicep curls, did you just do one arm, or did you work out both arms?  What if we were really into having huge biceps and went a long period of time working out only one arm? That […]

Adam Fields Wakeboard Tips

Get more Quality Water Time

Adam Fields, Professional Wakeboarder – Wakeboarding Tips. If you are like MOST people, it takes quite a bit of effort to get out and wakeboard on the lake. In some cases, it takes a LOT of effort and a LOT of money just to make it happen. Since wakeboarding is so cool and you are […]

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Adam Fields - Become a Better Boat Driver

Becoming a better boat driver…

  Driving a boat is difficult. There is a lot going on. It takes time to develop a relaxed, comfortable nature behind the wheel. Pay attention to and practice the tips below on how to become a better boat driver. Make it a goal this season to be a more conscientious driver, and you’ll become […]

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Training for Wakeboard Season

Plan Ahead For The Next Wakeboard Season…

Keep your off season active with other activities and workouts that specifically target your wake muscles. Plan ahead for the next wakeboard season by being in good enough shape all winter to go out there and ride at any given moment. Hey, you never know.. you might end up wakeboarding somewhere warm mid Feb??  Note: […]

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USA Wakeboard National Championships on Lake Gaston

USA Wakeboard National Championship Coming Soon!

August 30, 2012 Contact: Adam Fields 1- 252-536-9063 adamfields@afwake.com afwake.com AF Wake brings USA Wakeboard National Championships to Lake Gaston (LITTLETON, N.C.) – Just like you, AF Wake doesn’t want the summer to end! To keep the fun and watersports action alive at Lake Gaston, AF Wake will host the USA Wakeboard Amateur National Championships Saturday […]