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Adam's Professional Career...

 As the 2011 BroStock champion, 2009 USA Wakeboard athlete of the year, and 2009 IWWF World Champion, and 2015 IWWF Worlds Runner-Up, 2019 brings another huge year of excitement for Adam. His sights are set on World titles in both federations this year in Masters Division - mens 30-40. Adam will be 38. 

 In addition to keeping fit to ride well, he is participating in boat shows, demos and clinics with Centurion Boats, coaching all over the world, organizing AF Wake events, running the AF Wake board shop and water sports school at Lake Gaston, and enjoying married life! Look out for Adam Fields in upcoming 2020 events such as: 


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 After years of competitive waterski training and interest in wakeboarding, Adam Fields started giving lessons and working with other coaches to further his training and introduce the sport of wakeboarding to new people.

Adam Fields' Wakeboard School was founded in 2000, and grew each year adding more coaches, boats, features, products, locations, and champions. The company incorporated to AF Wake, Inc. in 2011 and has expanded to include product sales, rentals, and events of both pro and amateur nature. AF Wake has seen thousands of students from all over the world, and is helping others enjoy getting started and/or win World Championships of their own. Adam spoke at a TEDx event about his unique career, and gave motivational advice to both kids and adults about the power of pursuing your passion. The TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. To learn more about TEDx, visit their website at

 To read more about Adam's impressive career as a professional Wakeboard World Champion, WakeWorld sums it up ... check it out here.

Adam Fields, Professional Wakeboarder

Adam Fields, Professional Wakeboarder

Check out Adams Speech at TEDx...

My name is Fields Johnson and I live here at Lake Gaston! I'm the shop manager and one of many amazing coaches here at AF Wake.  Last season I earned a national title in Seattle and a world title in Mexico. Come ride with us!  Go follow me on Instagram @fieldsjohnson

My name is Chance Croyle, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Hamilton New York. I’ve been coming to Afwake since I was little for wakeboard lessons and know I’ve been working with the Afwake crew for 4 years! I’ve spent my whole life around water and water sports and have been Wakeboarding since I was 8 years old! My love for the sport is endless! Here at Afwake I’m a team rider and Coach! I love being able to take everyone from beginner to pro out on the boat and help them with there ability to grow in the sport! Ive been able to ride with the best and learn from the best for years! This has helped me grow my wake boarding skills and I like sharing that knowledge with others! I’ve won and placed in numerous wake competitions as well including the recent Lake Gaston water sports championships! Make sure to come check out our school and awesome place on Lake Gaston and take a lesson with me if you want to have a blast! Go follow me on Instagram @croylewake

Hey everyone I am Jake Kappler.  I am currently a student at East Carolina University and work at AF Wake in the summer months.  I have been riding with Adam for over 15 years.  My favorite part about being a team rider and coach at AF Wake is being able to share my love for water sports with others whether they're a first timer or an advanced rider.  

Bindings are overrated.  I ditched wakeboarding a few years ago to pursue wakeskating.  In 2019 I was the WWA US Eastern Regional wakeskate champion and plan to compete professionally in the 2020 season.  Give me a follow on instagram @jakekappler98 and make sure to check out the AF Wake YouTube page! #gobigaf 

My names Mitch Kappler, I’m 19 and have been wakeboarding with Adam and the AFWake crew since I was 3 years old! I’ve spent my whole life on the water whether it’s wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, barefooting, wake foiling, I do it all! Over the last 10 years I’ve travelled all over the country to compete, I’ve spent the last 4 summers working the pro shop here at AFWake, coaching others in Watersports to get up for their very first time-all the way to landing their first flips and 360’s!

I learned how to wakeboard from the best, and now am a team rider and coach for the best school out there-AFWake! I have many wakeboarding accolades under my belt including Jr. Men national champion in 2016, and some local records as well being the only person to land a double flip on lake Gaston! Come check out our school and take a lesson with me to have some fun on the water, learn new and exciting tricks and have a blast! Go follow me on Instagram @mitchkappler

Hey my name is Carlos and am from Colombia. Ive been coming to North Carolina to learn from Adam Fields for many years. Over the years I have progressed my skills and now pursue wakeboarding  professionally . During the summer I live and work at Lake Gaston to help spread my love for these sports. Please come ride with us! Go follow me on Instagram @carlosruiz3