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Experience the JOY of Wakeboarding with Adam Fields...

The sport of wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It started by combining water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. The best way to determine whether you want to learn to wakeboard is to watch the professional athletes in action. Some of our favorite video clips are included on this page. Just click on the images below to view our action filled videos. 

Adam Fields on Vimeo

Adam Fields on Vimeo

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The Kappler Collection

Mitch Kappler on Vimeo

AF Wake GoPro Fun

AF Wake Boat GoPro on Vimeo

Fields and Bry in Action

Fields & Bry on the water

Fynn Bullock 2013

Flynn Vimeo footage - 2013

AF Wake - Rockett’s Big Air

AF Wake at Rockett’s Big Air - 2012

Adam Fields at Lake Holden

Adam Fields at his best - 2013

Adam Fields Spring or 2013

Adam Fields Spring or 2013

Brostock 2011 - Double-Up

Brostock 2011 - Double-Up Contest

Adam Fields Lake Hiawassee

Adam Fields Lake Hiawassee Quick Set

A Day at AF Wake School

A Day at AF Wake School on Lake Gaston

After Hours at AF Wake School

After Hours at Adam Fields Wakeboard School

Adam Fields - 2011 Leftovers

Adam Fields - 2011 Leftovers

Amateur National Championship

The 2012 USA Wakeboard Amateur National Championship


Adam in Florida May 2009

May 2009 Wakeboarding-Adam Fields, Bob Soven, Phil Soven

Dunkelvolk Wakeboard Practice

Dunkelvolk Wakeboard Practice

Fynn Bullock Switch Toeside 720

Fynn Bullock Switch Toeside 720

Adam Shredding on Lake Gaston

Adam Fields Shredding on Lake Gaston

A Day at AF Wakeboard School

A Day In The Life At AF Wakeboard School